Sunday, 31 July 2016

Wingz Review

I absolutely love it when companies send me cool products to try, especially when they're as awesome as what the lovely team at Fatphrocks sent me.

Wingz are a revelation in plus size fashion and when you have a wardrobe like mine you'll love having a new way to wear things.

Wingz are sleeves that can be added to any top, they come in various colours, lengths and materials and they have a band that sits under your bra so any neckline is a go!

One thing that some people have said to me is, why can't you just wear a long sleeved top underneath. I've always been a fan of layering, in winter coats and cardi's are a huge feature in my wardrobe but with the weather lately its been a struggle keeping one layer of clothing on!

Wingz are one of those things that you wonder how you ever lived without them.

One thing to bare in mind is if you have broad shoulders like me, size up!

I really wanted to wear them with this cute roll neck but my broad shoulders meant there was a gap between the Wingz and my top... not a good look!

So I ended up wearing them with this grey tee, I'm sad I couldn't wear them with the white but I kind of liked the contrast.

You can check out the different styles at and feel free tag me in your purchases on Instagram @fashionoverfigure ❤️

*This is not a sponsored post - from time to time companies send me products to consider for review, I do not get paid for this and I am under no obligation to post a positive review.