Sunday, 1 May 2016

Confidence 101

Confidence. It's sassy, sexy and guaranteed to turn heads but how do we get confidence?

It's normal that we sometimes doubt ourselves, but constant negative thoughts can be destructive. When you know that you're thinking negatively, stop. Think again, look at the positives of the situation and give yourself a break.

1. Get your knickers on! One quick way to boost your confidence is to invest in some sexy lingerie. Wearing your best and favourite underwear will make you feel great. It's like having a little secret nobody knows about.

2. Be brave and face your fears. Going it alone is something most of us dread. However, having the confidence to something alone will give you a sense of personal achievement and a huge buzz. Try going to the cinema, you'll be surprised at how many others will be there alone. It's never as bad as you think!

3. Move more! It is a fact that exercise releases feel good hormones (endorphins) that make us feel great. There are loads of great DVD's you can do at home. For something a bit more fun try blasting out your favourite tunes and dancing for 30 mins a few times a week.

4. Feel good food. Eating healthy doesn't just mean the dreaded word diet. What we put in our bodies has an effect on how we feel. The easiest change to make is your water intake. Drinking around 2 litres of water a day has many health benefits, improving not only your inside but your hair and skin too.

5. Learn something new. Learning, and realising we can do something is great for boosting confidence. It also looks great on your CV. Your local college will have plenty of evening courses for all interests and abilities. This is also a fantastic way to meet people outside of your social group.

6. Listen to your mind and body. Once you know how your mind and body works you can control it more. A good way is to keep a diary of how you are feeling day to day. Write down how your mood was, how you were feeling, what you did and what you ate. You can then look at how these things affect each other.

7. Make a list of all of your accomplishments, you will find its longer than you think. In a society were women strive to do more than ever we have a tendency to think we haven't done enough. Looking back on everything you have achieved and overcome in your life will give you confidence to tackle new goals.

8. Prepare your environment. Being super organised at home will make you feel like you can tackle anything, being late for a meeting or appointment can make us feel bad and knock our confidence. Keep a diary or calendar close by and plan ahead.

9. Make small changes. One important thing to remember is that steady progress is good. If we try to do everything at once we set ourselves up for failure. Many small changes make a big change so keep your mind on the bigger picture.

10. Imagine the future. Take 10 minutes to sit somewhere quiet and imagine how you would like to be, feel or look in the future. Anything is possible if you have confidence.

This article was originally published in issue 4 or BGP magazine.