Sunday, 31 July 2016

Wingz Review

I absolutely love it when companies send me cool products to try, especially when they're as awesome as what the lovely team at Fatphrocks sent me.

Wingz are a revelation in plus size fashion and when you have a wardrobe like mine you'll love having a new way to wear things.

Wingz are sleeves that can be added to any top, they come in various colours, lengths and materials and they have a band that sits under your bra so any neckline is a go!

One thing that some people have said to me is, why can't you just wear a long sleeved top underneath. I've always been a fan of layering, in winter coats and cardi's are a huge feature in my wardrobe but with the weather lately its been a struggle keeping one layer of clothing on!

Wingz are one of those things that you wonder how you ever lived without them.

One thing to bare in mind is if you have broad shoulders like me, size up!

I really wanted to wear them with this cute roll neck but my broad shoulders meant there was a gap between the Wingz and my top... not a good look!

So I ended up wearing them with this grey tee, I'm sad I couldn't wear them with the white but I kind of liked the contrast.

You can check out the different styles at and feel free tag me in your purchases on Instagram @fashionoverfigure ❤️

*This is not a sponsored post - from time to time companies send me products to consider for review, I do not get paid for this and I am under no obligation to post a positive review.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Confidence 101

Confidence. It's sassy, sexy and guaranteed to turn heads but how do we get confidence?

It's normal that we sometimes doubt ourselves, but constant negative thoughts can be destructive. When you know that you're thinking negatively, stop. Think again, look at the positives of the situation and give yourself a break.

1. Get your knickers on! One quick way to boost your confidence is to invest in some sexy lingerie. Wearing your best and favourite underwear will make you feel great. It's like having a little secret nobody knows about.

2. Be brave and face your fears. Going it alone is something most of us dread. However, having the confidence to something alone will give you a sense of personal achievement and a huge buzz. Try going to the cinema, you'll be surprised at how many others will be there alone. It's never as bad as you think!

3. Move more! It is a fact that exercise releases feel good hormones (endorphins) that make us feel great. There are loads of great DVD's you can do at home. For something a bit more fun try blasting out your favourite tunes and dancing for 30 mins a few times a week.

4. Feel good food. Eating healthy doesn't just mean the dreaded word diet. What we put in our bodies has an effect on how we feel. The easiest change to make is your water intake. Drinking around 2 litres of water a day has many health benefits, improving not only your inside but your hair and skin too.

5. Learn something new. Learning, and realising we can do something is great for boosting confidence. It also looks great on your CV. Your local college will have plenty of evening courses for all interests and abilities. This is also a fantastic way to meet people outside of your social group.

6. Listen to your mind and body. Once you know how your mind and body works you can control it more. A good way is to keep a diary of how you are feeling day to day. Write down how your mood was, how you were feeling, what you did and what you ate. You can then look at how these things affect each other.

7. Make a list of all of your accomplishments, you will find its longer than you think. In a society were women strive to do more than ever we have a tendency to think we haven't done enough. Looking back on everything you have achieved and overcome in your life will give you confidence to tackle new goals.

8. Prepare your environment. Being super organised at home will make you feel like you can tackle anything, being late for a meeting or appointment can make us feel bad and knock our confidence. Keep a diary or calendar close by and plan ahead.

9. Make small changes. One important thing to remember is that steady progress is good. If we try to do everything at once we set ourselves up for failure. Many small changes make a big change so keep your mind on the bigger picture.

10. Imagine the future. Take 10 minutes to sit somewhere quiet and imagine how you would like to be, feel or look in the future. Anything is possible if you have confidence.

This article was originally published in issue 4 or BGP magazine. 

Monday, 31 August 2015

Gym Rant

Recently I have had a lot of people ask me why I go to the gym. 

Here are a few examples:

Aunt: "So are you still going to the gym?"
Me: "Yes"
Aunt: "So you're on a diet?"
Me: "Umm... No"

This is a conversation with a guy I went on a couple of dates with.

Date Guy: "You ever heard of that Tess Holliday?" 
Me: "Yeah"
Date Guy: "I don't get why she goes on about how she loves her body and is happy with herself but then she posts photos on Instagram of herself in the gym"
Me: "I don't get what you're saying"
Date Guy: "Well I don't get how she can say she loves herself if she goes to the gym"
Me: "yeah, still don't get what you mean"

Safe to say I didn't go on another date with him! 

Now usually it doesn't bother me. People are dumb. I get that. 

However it's really starting to annoy me that people assume that if you're going to the gym, you simply must be going to loose weight. Or maybe it's that they think that's what would SHOULD be going for! 

Those of us with bigger brains and bigger bodies know that size IS NOT an indicator of health. We know this because we live in bigger bodies and we experience it everyday. Yes SOME people are overweight and unhealthy but so are SOME smaller people. 

Exercise is one of those things that makes a body healthy and it has a whole load of benefits, of which one is weight loss.

Personally I do it for many other things like:

Improving my strength - doing weights builds muscles - bigger muscles = improved strength.

Improving my mood - exercise releases chemicals in the brain which make you feel happy.

Improving my skin - exercise improves circulation and makes you sweat! Both of these things improve your skin. 

Okay so I know i’m ranting now but I just feel that this kind of intimidating behaviour puts a lot of people off of going to the gym or working out. 
If everybody assumes that you’re working out to loose weight then they will also be expecting results. 

However, if you're working out for any one of the other benefits you may not have those results and then will ultimately be judged by those people. Just remember than it is none of their business why you work out and what ever your goals or reasons for doing so they are personal to you. 

So whatever reason YOU choose to work out - own it and make it yours!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A to Z of Plus Size Stores

Hello ladies!

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog about fashion, fashion and well...all things fashion.

We started this blog because we've both experienced negativity about our size. We've both heard the are you sure you want to eat thats and of course the classic and always annoying you would be so pretty if you just lost weight

We're not here to promote unhealthy eating or an unhealthy lifestyle, we're here to promote body confidence.To show that size has no bearing on whether you can look amazing and to show that a few minor adjustments to your wardrobe can make you feel like a million bucks!

BUTT… and yes its a big one…

How can we dress great if every time we go out for a glorious day of shopping we just encounter someone staring at our thighs? And I mean STARRING! Or we wander unknowingly into a popular store only to realise that we're behind enemy lines. With an army of size 6 staff just waiting for you to drop that fat-grenade and infect everyone with the terrible disease of being a size 20. Or what about when we're so gleefully informed (but obviously their 'terribly sorry to say') that they don't stock that shirt in our size.

Well fear no more because here at Fashion Over Figure we have compiled a list of our favourite stores. 

So here it is.

Fashion Over Figure's A-Z of UK plus size stores.

A  Anna Scholz - We had the pleasure of meeting Anna a few weeks ago during a shoot and she is absolultey one of the nicest women we've ever met. At Anna Scholz you can expect to see exiting prints, gorgeous fabrics and elegant tailoring. 

B  Boohoo - We are absolutely in love with Boohoo’s bodysuits! They also have amazing body con dresses and playsuits. Did we mention the playsuits? Were in love!

C Curve by Asos - Elle’s all time favourite! 
“I freaking adore Asos Curve, it’s totally my style - anyone that knows me will tell you my fashion tastes are eclectic. If I want a cute, girly maxi or an oversized shirt and boyfriend jeans I know Asos will have what I want”.

D  Dorothy Perkins - Justice’s go to shop for wedding outfits and pretty summer dresses.

 “I absolutely love Dorothy Perkins as they have whole range for plus size petite women, at 5’4” it’s nice to know there’s somewhere I can go and buy a maxi dress and not have to alter it”   

E  Evans - Evans has really turned a corner this past year and are coming out with some gorgeous designs. If you are pear shaped you're gonna love the new pear fit jeans - smaller in the waist and bigger in the butt and hips. Finally a shop that is acknowledging that women not only come in different sizes but shapes too. Well done Evans! 

F  Forever 21 - It’s all about the bikini’s over at Forever 21, they have an absolutely amazing collection - their clothes are fab too!

G  George at Asda - The George range at Asda has recently expanded and now goes up to a size 32 which is fantastic.

H  H&M - The plus size range at H&M is not what it once was and it is continually improving. Lots of Jersey fabrics and some really great work-out clothes.

I  Inspire by new look - The Inspire range at New Look is a plus size range that has stood the test of time and they now go up to a size 32. 

J unarose - Junarose is a recent discovery of ours and we’re in love! Lots of monochrome combos to create a timeless wardrobe on a budget.

K  Kelly Brook - Last year Kelly Brook teamed up with Simply Be to release a collection that somehow includes a little bit it of sexy, feminine, bold and fearless in each piece.  

L  Lovedrobe - Dresses are what Lovedrobe does best, think cute candy colours and tropical vibes. 

M  Misguided are relatively new players in the plus size fashion game and they have really made an impression and their co-ords are bang on trend. 

N  Next - Next is great for more formal workwear that is still stylish, think pencil skirts and tailored dresses. 

O  One One Three - One One Three is quite possibly the most exciting UK based plus size brand right now. The design duo behind the brand are both plus size women and damn do they know what looks good. 

P  Pinkclove - Pinkclove offers quality fast fashion at an affordable price point and we’re really excited to see what dresses they have to offer come party season. They also ship world-wide! 

Q  QVC - Now you may automatically think of Granny and her steam mop when you think of QVC, but think again. Think formal workwear that can be taken from day to night with a few accessories. 

R  Rogers + Rogers - The Rogers + Rogers collections at Matalan can sometimes be a bit hit and miss from season to season. In its prime it offered gorgeous party wear - lots of sparkle and glamour - and we hope to see those kind of pieces return this year. 

S  Simply Be - Simply Be is probably one of the most well know online retailers of fast fashion but they also have an ever expanding list of designer collections. We love the Kelly Brook collection mentioned above. 

T  TU - TU is Sainsbury’s clothing collection and it's only available in-store. It's great for wardrobe staples and and holiday pieces with some nice seasonal beachwear.  

U  Ulla Popken is the go-to brand for laid back style, think boyfriend jeans and easy knitwear.

V  Very - Very is an on-line retailer that stocks various plus size brands including the Gemma Collins collection.

W  Wallis - In October 2014 Wallis teamed up with Live Unlimited to expand into the plus size market. We love the daring prints and pretty florals Live Unlimited has to offer. 

X  XCVI - Okay so XCVI is not a UK based brand but we just had to include them. Their designs are perfect for the adventurous traveller in you. Think tanks, tees and cargo pants in comfortable breathable fabrics with a neutral colour palette. If you're ever in the U.S be sure to pick up a few pieces.  

Y  Yours - What we love about Yours, and what is lacking in a lot of plus size stores, is that they stock absolutely everything. Sportswear, underwear, swimwear, PJ’s, tights, socks and everyday essentials like basic tees and tanks. All this along with seasonal fashion pieces that are well constructed and at an affordable price point. What’s not to love? 

Z  Zalando - Zalando is a stockist that carries elegant pieces carefully selected by in-house stylists, you'll see some familiar brands like New Look and Junarose and some new names like Little Mistress and Paper Dolls. What we also love about Zalando is that they offer free delivery, meaning you could save on delivery costs charged by some of the brands if ordered directly. 

We hope you found this useful and maybe discovered some shops you didn't know about 
If you have any suggestions for brands/shops/designers we haven’t mentioned just drop us a comment on our twitter: @overfigure. While your at it why don't you have a little look at our Instagram @fashionoverfigure to see what we're up to and what we're wearing.

Justice & Elle